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They're made out of Meat

This is very well done. I really need to get back in to making videos/movies.


"You see what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!?!?!"

From The Big Lebowski TV edit:

Best. TV edit. Ever.

Or something like that.



"No human or god can match
Nature's simultaneous 4 day
rotation in 1 Earth rotation.

No human has a right to
believe wrong - for that
would be evil thinking.

Ignorance of 4 days is evil,
Evil educators teach 1 day.
1 day will destroy humans.

-Time Cube


You wish it were photoshoped...

You wish it were photoshoped...

...but it isn't. There's _got_ to be something wrong with this....



"A bad metaphor is like a leaky screwdriver.

(shamelessly stolen from someone's /. sig)"

From earlier in the same discussion...

"Batshit Insane:

'The bubble-era vision of a Utopian Internet is dented and dirty... The Lexus has collided with the olive tree, and its crumpled hulk spins in a ditch as the orchard smolders.'

This metaphor is a can of Pringles, and its vigor is enhanced by venomous ducks that flip it daily with a caterpillar that just won't shut up.

Seriously... what?"

Things like this are why I read slashdot.


Beautiful game

Beautiful animation and graphics, music; nice design. Highly recommended.


Can anybody make any sense out of this?

I got this in what I can only guess is a spam message:

"We are the top fitness company in the world and are hosting th. This led naturally to them taking up skateboarding right after their. We are definitely looking for unique renova.
Has long, wavy, dirty blonde hair and a beard. In four of its last five games, Illinois has trail. Has an obsession taken over your life?
This led naturally to them taking up skateboarding right after their. A copy of the DVD, featured credits, food and beverage will be. NO entertainment stories please-!
Do you want to learn how to stop fighting and have better communication? If interested, just send us an email with a few sentences about yourself "

from Dyer Polly (

It's in English, I think... or at least it has English words. The shear fact tht it is _almost_ understandible seems to make it so much less so.


Never trust movie trailers

Office Space Recut as a thriller:

Great stuff


Cardinals Appoligize for Winning World Series

Cardinals Apologize For Winning World Series

The Onion

Cardinals Apologize For Winning World Series

ST. LOUIS—Calling Friday night's victory on baseball's grandest stage "a terrible mistake," members of the St. Louis Cardinals issued a formal apology for making the playoffs, winning the World Series, and depriving baseball fans everywhere...