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One of these days

One of these days, I'm actually gonna write something and put it up here.

Yep, one of these days...



I bet you didn't know that PC LOAD LETTER has its own Wikipedia entry, did you?* Anyway, as you may have seen, Squatch was nice enough to point out this gem:

  • "The Sysadmin Song"
  • After watching that cute hilarity (thank you, Squatch), I checked out their website. They seem to be quite the funny guys about this stuff. Check out this video and its high production values!:

  • < a href="">Every OS Sucks
  • Cool. I'll leave you with this. Ah, linking to random crap, the true heart and soul of the blog! Actually, most of my life is following links to random crap, so actually my blog here is a traditional blog, too. How exciting for you! I mean me! I mean, eh, whatever.

    *You know...


    Have two AYDS before dinner!


    A commercial from the 1980's for a weight loss / diet candy... named "AYDS". Yes, its pronounced that way. And this was in the 80s, AIDS wasn't a secret by then! But it is hilarious.

    Have two AYDS before each meal!

    Doesn't cause nervousness!

    Loose weight deliciously, with the aid of AYDS!

    Oh my. Just, oh my oh my oh my. I can't think of anything else to say.

    Remember kids, always, always double check your brand names.

  • <

    Baseball and Urban Development

    Being a fan of both baseball and urbanism, I tend to closely follow the development of new ballparks in city centers, like the new Yankee and Shea stadiums in New York, and the new stadium for the Nationals in Washington, DC. In today's Washington Post, this article about the proposed stadium appeared:

    If You Build It, Don’t Build Next to It: "Some ideas are so dumb you assume they’ll collapse of their own weight. That’s what we hope will happen to Mayor Anthony A. Williams’s cockamamie brainstorm to construct two vast 13-story towers—filled with condos, shops, garages and a hotel—just beyond left and center field of the new Nationals stadium on the Anacostia waterfront."

    Now, in my mind, most stadiums do very, very little for the surrounding community on their own. They only see traffic during home games, and even then, they tend to be themepark-esque complete entertainment venues that encourage you not to visit and/or partake of the surrounding neighboorhood. They, of course, want you to buy everything in the park, and stay there. Not only that, but stadiums are very, very large on a human-scale, so when they're dark, they take up a huge swath of real estate with no purpose; in effect they are an actual impediment to life and to traffic. In fact, in my mind, other than very, very multipurpose arenas, only baseball stadiums come close to avoiding these problems because there are a large number of home games, 81, every year. (Compared to the exact opposite in say, football, where there are only 8). This is not to say that a team is bad for a city: it can often bring civic pride and national recognition to a city, things that can often help elevate an urban area to real-city status, at least in terms of human perception.

    Some of the most succesful urban redevelopments that use stadia, however, are the ones that blend the most with the area, that encourage traffic throughout the neighboorhood. In effect, they become a part of the city as opposed to just being there. Three of the best examples of this in my mind are Camden Yards in Baltimore, Fenway in Boston, and Pac-Bell/Generic-Phone-Company Park in San Francsico. Another strategy to avoid the above-described ills is to add more to the stadia redevlopment. That is, make it multipurpose: shops, offices, living space, etc. Make it a place to be both when games are played, and when they aren't. Else, 284 days a year you have a huge, black monolith in the center of your city.


    Police and your Rights

    It's unfortunate that we have to watch something like this. It is often hard to watch; it pushes your anxiety buttons. It is scary. But I wholeheartedly recommend everyone watch this video on protecting yourself during police encounters:

    The advice is clear and concise, and by simply watching the videos, know that at least I feel somewhat more prepared to deal with police encounters, whatever they may be.

    It's sad to have to recommend this, but the times we live in demand it. Only can each of us protect ourselfs when confronted by authority. I've suffered with deep-seated anxiety over confronations and authority most of my life due to my anxiety disorder(s?), but certainly this video was most helpful.

    Good luck, everybody.


    Random Facts

    Did you know:

    • That if you could constantly accelerate at 5g's (not an insignifgant amount of acceleration), it would take 70 days, 19 hours, 30 minutes, 43.2 seconds to reach the speed of light?*
    • That in order to cover 1au (Astronomical Unit: the distance from Earth to the Sun) in 24 hours, you'd need to travel at a constant 64,552.7 mph?
    • That the speed above is only a reasonable 1075.88 miles per second, and that it is only a little more than 2½ times times Earth's escape velocity (25,053.69 mph)?
    • That I have too much free time on my hands?

    * Of course, you cannot reach the speed of light, though you can asymtope towards it. Also, I believe this is in the frame of reference of being on the ship accelerating, for you Relativsts out there.


    Welcome to the new!

    Well, it's been a long, frustrating, anoying time, but I'm finally ready (well, sort of) to say "Welcome!" Not sort of welcome, you're really welcome, well except for you, but you know who you are; I mean sort of ready. Anyways, the majesty before you is the new! What? Yes, this is it! Stop snickering there in the back!

    ::grabs chair, and runs to the back of the room::

    ::loud banging noises ensue::

    ::returns slightly disheveled::

    Sorry about that. Anyway, on to the site at hand. What exactly is What is a subway fox? Why .net? What is with that color yellow? Good questions all. So, here are the quick answers:

    1. A URL.
    2. A fox in the subway. Duh.
    3. Becuase .net sounds cooler. ::sticks tounge out::
    4. Subwayfox yellow? Does this question need an answer?

    No, in all seriousness, this is a place for me, Blair (aka The Author, the webmaster, the fox, foxy, fatso, that jerk, moron, not-so-funny person, video games, or double cheeseburger, amongst others), to share my goings on. (I wanted to add: "...with You (aka You)," but really, this site is collaborative. Or at least as collaborative as I say it is, Bwahahahahaha!!!!). The naviagtion bar lists a whole bunch of stuff that you can see, comment on, etc. Poke around, it's fun.

    Right now there isn't a ton of content, but if I waited until there was, I would've waited forever to put this site up and probably never even made a lot of content (Yes, that is a bad thing, you!). So, it'll go up as I find the time. Almost all new things to the site will show up on the front page as well, and if you're interested, click on your RSS feed button to add this site, which will keep you abreast (or at least achest, for the flat-ones amongst us) of updates. What kind of stuff will be here? The stuff going on in my life; the stuff I'm working on and want to share, huzzahs for my friends and insults to my enemies, that sort of stuff. So stayed tuned, or whatever.

    I mentioned collaboration, so here is some stuff that you can do right now. Yes, that's right, right now. First and foremost, anyone can leave comments. Try it out! Also, don't hesistate to make an account- amongst other things, it lets you upload a nifty picture to put next to your comments. Occasionaly, there will be polls and stuff (Hey, there's one of them now!). Also, a (at least sort of) cool idea is the Collabarative High Scores page. Check out details in the High Scores section. Which one of us is teh best? Who has teh most esoteric game for us to try? Well, go on over there to find out, I suppose. Also, if you have content that you think would go good here, don't hesistate to let me know. I'll stick it on up.

    So anyway, in short (hah!, too late for that), this is "A website about nothing at all, so don't get excited"; "Updated at least twice a month... usually"; "(insert slogan here)"; or, as I like to some it all up, "Bah. Whatever." That's this site's mantra, and I'm sticking to it.

    In conclusion, this concludes my welcome speach. Any comments? Suggestions? Problems? Thinly-veiled insults? Feel free to shout out! (Then, you might want to type it into the comment box, so the rest of us can see it).

    Also be sure to check out the Copyright Information page. Everything on this site is copy-lefted, with only some rights reserved, so check it out, and please, if you're using or citing something from this site, let me know, I'd love to see it!

    Happy subway foxing! (subway foxing? subway-foxing? foxing-subways? subwaying with foxes?'ing?)