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Hey hey.

So, the other day I took a trip up to Garrison, quite by accident. I was going for a drive, little more. But along came the camera, I found the town, and photography happened.

I took a number of photos, including some panoramas and some attempts at HDR. I'll post the panoramas later, as they require some work, but here are three HDR shots:

Probably my favorite first, even if it is rather simple. A very strong difference between light and dark in the original shot.

Yacht Club hdrYacht Club hdr

Tracks hdrTracks hdr

Tracks and Tunnel hdrTracks and Tunnel hdr

I'm still experimenting, so these are just work in progress-type shots, but I'm intrigued with it and think I'll try some more in the future.


9/20/08 Update

Today's update:

Last of this batch of updates, but I should hopefully have even more, maybe as soon as tomorrow. We shall see. That said:

A fox. Drawn from an image. Attempting to try a more realistic, less dreamlike image. And I like foxes.

Other updates inside this post.


An update? You must be joking.

Okay, so maybe I've been a bad foxy (and maybe I won't stop talking like that). Maybe I've accidentally let updating the site go...

In my defense, after I let it go for a while, I become more and more worried that, well, I haven't updated in a while, so updating now would be... well, let's just say that I'm neurotic. Wait, what? You knew that?

Anyway, below are the drawings from my last visit to the Central Park Sketch Group, to which I will hopefully be going tommorrow. That means these are over a month old. Yikes. I wish I could tell you my scanner broke, but well, that would be a lie. And I'm no liar. Liar.

Finally, since I have (more than) a bit of a backlog, I'm going to try to update once a day for the next few days. We'll see if it works.

Tower Down: View down from Belvedere Castle.Tower Down: View down from Belvedere Castle.

Lady DrawingLady Drawing

Kathleen: Kathleen, I believe, from the CPSG.  Let me know if I've got the name wrong, if you're out there!Kathleen: Kathleen, I believe, from the CPSG. Let me know if I've got the name wrong, if you're out there!


Pictures of Planes

My god, I'm sick. How does one get a cold in the middle of July? I know, I know, you probably couldn't care less about that. But still, this is annoying.

Anyway, I've found a number of places across the Sound to watch the planes take off and land at LaGuardia. Add in a scanner, and it's a day at the (very rocky) beach I can get behind. I know, I'm weird, but I've gotten some decent pictures, as featured below.

When I get my act together, I'll put together a couple of panoramas of the spots, as they are quite beautiful all on their lonesome; especially if you like disappearing from the urban Bronx back into something resembling nature.

Anyway, let's go. It may be improper form to put the one I think best first, but here it is:

LaGuardia AirportLaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Landing IILaGuardia Landing II

A320 Against the SkyA320 Against the Sky

Plenty more below, including some more pretty sky.


Central Park Sketch Group (6-28-08)

I have a bunch of drawings from other things I've been lazy and haven't posted, but I'll do those another day. Only a few from this trip, but it was fun as always.


Girl DrawingGirl Drawing



So, yesterday, as change for some coffee, I received four cents. As I enjoyed my coffee, I played with my pennies as I often do, unfortunately misplacing two. But as I later made my way back to my car, I took a look at the two that were left.

The years are 2003 and 1923. Not only is 1923 the oldest cent I have received in quite a long while, but, as you may notice, the two cents, which I was lucky to still possess, were produced exactly 80 years apart. 80 years ago this month, in June 1928 (thanks, Wikipedia!), Amelia Earhart became the first woman to successfully fly across the Atlantic Ocean. But that's not the whole story. On the exact same day, June 13, one year earlier in 1927, Charles Lindbergh received his tickertape parade in New York City. But wait, there's more! In 1928, 80 years ago, on July 27th (notice, 27), Radclyffe Hall published The Well of Loneliness!

I don't think I need to point out what all this means. Coincidence? I think not(so)!

(I thought of subtitling this piece Damn you Wikipedia!, but couldn't really find a way to work it in. Oh, snap, I just did. I also happen to think this is perfecetly acceptable posting after nothing for a month. Um, ...really?)


Sketchbook Update 4/27/08

Before the sketches, some site news: not only is this finally an update, but I'm starting to organize the site more as I add more works. For now, only the Sketchbook is organized into categories, but you can reach them by clicking on the Sketchbook menu item on the left.

These were drawn during the latest Central Park Sketch Meetup from Some I really like, others, eh. But isn't that always the case.

Sorry I've been bad about this. I have other sketches, I promise I'll get around to scanning and posting them soon.

(Magic) Tree: A tree along one of the shady paths, in full bloom.(Magic) Tree: A tree along one of the shady paths, in full bloom.

Arboretum: View of/from the Arboretum.Arboretum: View of/from the Arboretum.

Sculpture / fountain: A sketch of the sculpture in the south garden's pond.Sculpture / fountain: A sketch of the sculpture in the south garden's pond.

More below.


Guess what I saw today?

Guess what I saw today?

So cute! Always nice to see a fellow fox. A whole bunch more pictures (of other animals, too, of course) to come.


A Random (subway related!) Post - so bloggish

A subway fox I am again! I finally got up the gumption to ride the Airtrain today. Starting at W 4th, I caught an uptown R-32 E train, and railfan windowed it up to Jamaica. The motorman was tentative, perhaps ahead of schedule, but it was still a lot of fun. The Airtrain itself is quite an experience: from the subway to the station is outside, but covered and decorated in the same faux-metallic as everything Airtrain. It's quite nice. The terminal itself is very airport-esque: airport style signs abound. It even has (unused) check-in desks. The ride is great; beautiful views all around, quick, and makes a wonderful noise. Gotta love linear induction, or something like that. Anyway, once around the terminals, back to Federal Circle, and then switched for Howard Beach. Well worth the ten bucks, I think. If I had to fly and didn't have too much luggage, I'd probably use it.

The A-train was even better. I was hoping for a change from the usual boring R44s and got one, a rare (and aging) R38! It's been a long time since I saw the Fulton St. Line the right way. That made me smile. Shared the window and a few words with a nice fellow railfan at the head of that train, who shared the window with me then let me have it all the way back to W 4th. All around, a good trip.

I know this post is geeky and random, but give me a break! I've certainly fallen out with the "mainstream" rail crowd; they can be so childish and vapid. But for now, the fox is in the subway again.


Happy Birthday Marlie! (ฯ€/08)

My friend Marlie's birthday is today, and so I whipped this up and sent it to her. Of course, I haven't actually heard from her in a good long while but... well, that's not for here.

I'm really in a bit of an emotional, um, something right now, so no big update today, but I'm hoping I'll put some more stuff up over the weekend, so don't fear checking back.