My visit and intial reactions to the new Yankee Stadium.

Today I was lucky enough to recieve a tour of the new Yankee Stadium. I've been meaning to write a full critique of it for the site, but I both wanted to experience it first hand and also haven't had the time. That said, here are my first impressions. I will post many of the photos and videos I took very soon, as well.


For me personally, coming to any conclusions from my new visit to the new Yankee Stadium is quite difficult. First and foremost, I know so much about it. For months, I've rabidly eaten up pictures as they've arisen, and followed as well as I can every decision made in construction. Thus, very little of what I saw was actually new to me, although it was the first time I saw it in person. Almost ipso facto, the big shiny parts of the new structure (for instance, the frieze or the main video screen) were kind of lost to me- it's not that I didn't notice them or wasn't impressed by them, but I barely paid them any mind as, having seen so many pictures, I had already internalized them to such a large degree.

The situation certainly wasn't aided by the combined facts of our tour moving so very quickly, thus giving me little chance to experience the building at my own pace or direction, but also the pressing need to take as many photos as I could in that time. Indeed, I wonder if I had the same amount of time in the same spaces but had free roam to experience, my views might be more substantial. As is, I am simply overwhelmed; not specifically impressed or not impressed but rather find it hard to come to any firm conclusions, even emotionally. I'm sure having roam of the place during an actual game, at my own pace, will give me a much better feel.


Pain is a funny thing

Pain is a funny thing.

It doesn't listen to you
but you can't tune it out.

It feels we are all endless amateurs at emotion
Excruciatingly wrong every time
Not the same mistakes, always, but different ones.

It is greater than most of us ever grasp;
It affects us more than most of us know.

The world can be cold and lonely, but Pain is the exclamation point
That makes all the worst The Truth.

Pain is funny, because it has no cure.
Sympathy comes close, vivisecting the false and the charade, highlighting the dear and the Near
But only time can heal, and then there's no Guarantee.

Pain is funny, but few of us can laugh
For most of us, ourselves is the deepest secret of all.