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Q-Bert is one of my favorite games. Simple, not overly intense, addictive, cute. I love it! The 2600 version has its flaws, but oh, I think its sweet, and a good translation. Anyway, onto the scores-ez.

I guess it would be smart to list what level you get up to, but since that's so hard to really figure out (there are no numbers), I'll just put my best score:

  • 47150

I was into the third set of levels- the ones where if you land on a square a second time, it returns to it's original state.

Good Q-berting, everyone.



Seaquest, by Activision. One of the best games for the 2600, IMHO. I've been playing way too much of it recently... but it's a really good way to relieve stress.

First, something to make you feel better, some of my first recorded scores:

  • 7520

  • 8030
  • 9030

But now, to crush your hopes! My current high score:

  • 70980!!!!

Beat that, chumps.