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Beautiful game

Beautiful animation and graphics, music; nice design. Highly recommended.


"Simplicity is Highly Overrated"

This was frustrating to read, only because he equated features with a lack of simplicity. In other words, he's confusing what a product does with its usability; this things are related, but not as directly as this makes it seem. It is possible to design things that offer lots of features, but are intuitive and thus simple to use. Of course, I would bet that the more features a product has, the more difficult it is for a designer to make an intuitve interface, but that's more of a different problem. I think, for instance, this is why some people keep hoping for an Apple-designed phone: not because it won't have features, but because hopefully their designers could make them more easily useable.

Cell phones are actually, in my opinion, a perfect example of this: features are added, and people like them; this is not a bad thing. But only a few companies put any thought into usability; Motorola is probably the most infamous. For an example of phones with a lot of usability and features, look at some of the older LG stuff, it always seemed to me to be of a quality at least slightly higher than their competitors. Don't get me started on companies like Verizon who have decided on a standardized interface, which on its own is not a bad idea at all, but their design is so, so atrocious...

Part of me was really hoping this would be a discussion on the appeal of ideas that are simple: does the simplicity of an idea really make it more truthful? Closer to reality? It certainly does make them more appealing. But I'm getting ahead of myself: this is a discussion for another time.


Can anybody make any sense out of this?

I got this in what I can only guess is a spam message:

"We are the top fitness company in the world and are hosting th. This led naturally to them taking up skateboarding right after their. We are definitely looking for unique renova.
Has long, wavy, dirty blonde hair and a beard. In four of its last five games, Illinois has trail. Has an obsession taken over your life?
This led naturally to them taking up skateboarding right after their. A copy of the DVD, featured credits, food and beverage will be. NO entertainment stories please-!
Do you want to learn how to stop fighting and have better communication? If interested, just send us an email with a few sentences about yourself "

from Dyer Polly (

It's in English, I think... or at least it has English words. The shear fact tht it is _almost_ understandible seems to make it so much less so.


One of these days

One of these days, I'm actually gonna write something and put it up here.

Yep, one of these days...


Never trust movie trailers

Office Space Recut as a thriller:

Great stuff


Sketchbook Update (...or, how can you update something that doesn't exist...)

New section: Sketchbook. Perhaps I felt that the catagory Drawings was too broad. Or something. So here is a new catagory of really, really misc sketches, some inked, some not, almost none cleaned up at all. Raw and low resolution. Yay!

That out of the way, the first update:

So, there you go. Ever get the feeling I'm bored with writing in these textboxes? Right on!

Oh, and just because there wasn't a site update to let you notice the new quote section... well, there isn't one. I mean, a site update page thing. But there is a section. So there.

Ack! So, so out of my mind! Save me!

Yes, that's all you get for reading all this message. Sorry :-(


Cardinals Appoligize for Winning World Series

Cardinals Apologize For Winning World Series

The Onion

Cardinals Apologize For Winning World Series

ST. LOUIS—Calling Friday night's victory on baseball's grandest stage "a terrible mistake," members of the St. Louis Cardinals issued a formal apology for making the playoffs, winning the World Series, and depriving baseball fans everywhere...