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Foggy Night at the New Yankee Stadium

Foggy Night at the New Yankee Stadium, 4/21.

I love panoramas, and hate the quality of my cameraphone. Click the image or here for full view.

I know, I've been bad about updating. I will work harder to try.


More sketches!

Yes, I've finally gotten around to it: more sketches! Indeed, this finishes off one book, so I only have an entire other one to go! Hoo...ray?


Lauren Willis: Lauren Willis, basketball player, from NY Times photo.Lauren Willis: Lauren Willis, basketball player, from NY Times photo.

Gretchen Langer: Gretchen Langer, from a newspaper article.Gretchen Langer: Gretchen Langer, from a newspaper article.

Steve: Steve, from the Central Park Sketch Group.  Was warming up; not my favorite.Steve: Steve, from the Central Park Sketch Group. Was warming up; not my favorite.

Girl (I forget, please forgive me!): Central Park Sketch GroupGirl (I forget, please forgive me!): Central Park Sketch Group

I forget, please forgive me! (2): Central Park Sketch GroupI forget, please forgive me! (2): Central Park Sketch Group

Pitching Fox: I was having fun, that's for sure.    BTW, if you were wondering how a fox could wear a baseball cap...Pitching Fox: I was having fun, that's for sure. BTW, if you were wondering how a fox could wear a baseball cap...

Fox Baseball Hat: Now you know...Fox Baseball Hat: Now you know...


Yankee Stadium Update

Well, not actually an update on the Stadium, but an update here... aw, hell, you know what I mean. Hello, by the way.

Anyway, sorry for the delay, but I finally have my photos of the new Yankee Stadium up and ready for you to view. To see 'em, simply click here or the entrance you see below:

Images marked "HDR" are, unsurprisingly, processed as HDR to portray the building as similarly as possible as it looks to the human eye. Also, I've uploaded (very!) high resolution versions of the two panoramas at the end of the shots:

Delta Pano

Suite Level HDR Pano

Finally, if this isn't enough for you, I've also made a Youtube compilation of some of the videos I took. They are mainly 10-30 second clips in order to give a better sense of the places pictured. Here you are:

Anyway, that's it with the Yankee Stadium stuff for now. I have a huge backload of scanning to do, so look for more updates very, very soon! (I'm actually now a full sketchbook behind where being current. Yikes. So, it's probably best I stop updating my website so I can have time to update my website. Wait... what? Well, you get what I mean.


My visit and intial reactions to the new Yankee Stadium.

Today I was lucky enough to recieve a tour of the new Yankee Stadium. I've been meaning to write a full critique of it for the site, but I both wanted to experience it first hand and also haven't had the time. That said, here are my first impressions. I will post many of the photos and videos I took very soon, as well.


For me personally, coming to any conclusions from my new visit to the new Yankee Stadium is quite difficult. First and foremost, I know so much about it. For months, I've rabidly eaten up pictures as they've arisen, and followed as well as I can every decision made in construction. Thus, very little of what I saw was actually new to me, although it was the first time I saw it in person. Almost ipso facto, the big shiny parts of the new structure (for instance, the frieze or the main video screen) were kind of lost to me- it's not that I didn't notice them or wasn't impressed by them, but I barely paid them any mind as, having seen so many pictures, I had already internalized them to such a large degree.

The situation certainly wasn't aided by the combined facts of our tour moving so very quickly, thus giving me little chance to experience the building at my own pace or direction, but also the pressing need to take as many photos as I could in that time. Indeed, I wonder if I had the same amount of time in the same spaces but had free roam to experience, my views might be more substantial. As is, I am simply overwhelmed; not specifically impressed or not impressed but rather find it hard to come to any firm conclusions, even emotionally. I'm sure having roam of the place during an actual game, at my own pace, will give me a much better feel.


MASSIVE Update (2-13-9 Update)

You know when you put off doing something? It starts slowly- oh, I'll do it next tomorrow. Next week. Soon. Eventually... Well, that's how things have been going with this website. I start the above cycle, and the next thing you know I look up and my last post with sketches was in September! Ouch. Add in the fact that I have pretty much half a sketchbook I haven't scanned, and have almost finished another and, well, you get the idea.

To that end, I realized it would be ridiculous to try to do it all in one grand, pointless gesture. So instead, I'm going to try to split it into many smaller, pointless gestures. Wait, I'm not sure I put that right... Well, anyone, I've started scanning and posting, and will start to put them up as I do them. I'm pretty much doing five at a time (not counting the first batch), so I wouldn't expect more than 5 or 10 a day, if I'm lucky. Still, it'll get done.

So, what follows is nearly 6 months of sketches, some I'm proud of, some I'd probably rather not post but will do so for some reason that has not yet become clear even to me. I've tried to organize them into some basic categories, with more forthcoming. Either way, I'll post daily updates at the top of this post, while continuing to organize below.

::cracks knuckles:: Let's get down to it.

Categories: Places / outdoors, Works of (others) Art, Toonish, People, Unfiled Central Park Sketch Group.


On Sonic

So, recently, I went back and played the first Sonic Adventure, to refresh my memory of it.

It's horrible. I just have to come right out and say it. The story is terrible on every possible plane: it is unimaginative, horribly written, and presented so poorly that even if it were a good story you'd be slamming your head against the desk. And that's not even touching the voice acting and characterization. Why do Sonic games even need a story? The story should be vaguely in the distance: beat Robotnick. Done- the other points aren't important, as the characters don't really hold any other depth.

The gameplay is boring. The adventure stages are just "where the hell do I have to go next?", and the Sonic stages mainly consist in pushing forward. They have flashes of fun, but they can be around ten minutes long! (Perhaps there is some cause and effect there, although plenty of games have long, fun stages.) One point sticks out in my head: I came across another action stage almost immediately after completing a previous one (an oddity in the game), and rather than be relieved, I was upset, as it meant I would have to sit there and play more rather than going away to do something else. And don't get me started on the boss fights: they make the rest of the game seem like the original Super Mario Brothers.

Indeed, other than the very first Sonic, Sonic Team has never really made another particularly good Sonic game (2 & 3 being by different developers, and I am not really a fan of Sonic CD). I wonder sometimes if they just lucked into making the first one.

I think the best use of Sonic in 3D to date has been Sonic Adventure 2: the rest of the game has all the flaws above, and the levels can verge on boring, but at least they are fairly well designed and entertaining. But there I go: it is really a very mediocre game at best only colored by memories of previous games with a dash of music and atmosphere.



Photography. Yes.



Flight: (Part of the very short series, A Boid)Flight: (Part of the very short series, A Boid)

Sail and Seas at LGASail and Seas at LGA

Much more below- ch ch check it out.


Photo Update

New Rochelle Park: Multiple exposure manual composition.  Or something like that.New Rochelle Park: Multiple exposure manual composition. Or something like that.

Not The Mediterranean: Davenport Neck.  Balloon.Not The Mediterranean: Davenport Neck. Balloon.

Not Quite Fall: Davenport Neck.Not Quite Fall: Davenport Neck.

Plane Sky: Davenport Neck.  A320.Plane Sky: Davenport Neck. A320.



I promised panoramas, so here they are. I'm still working on better ways of showing them, although I think they work okay as is. I would post bigger versions, but it's a pain enough to handle as is. These are from my trip to Garrison a couple of weeks ago.

First, the same shot put together two ways; rectangularly and projected. I think I like the projected better, but it's always tough to say because, if you view them in a very large format (eg fullscreen), rectangular gives a less distorted field of view in a smaller chunk. Any thoughts?

Click these tiny images to see a bigger version.



And, to round things out, the old Garrison Train station, now a community theatre: