Cold, Cold Day

Cold, Cold Day

So, I don't normally go out of order in my sketchbooks. I'm not quite sure why; perhaps it's because I want the dates on this site to clearly show (what I hope is) progression. Also, it doesn't give me time to seperate myself from my work so I can view it clearly. My initial reactions to it are more often than not not the ones I have later. When you are done drawing, you are simply too close.

That said, today, given the current balmy temperature of 9°F (-12.8°C, 260K), I figured I'd actually share something I drew today. Brrrrr.

Not sure about the teeth, but hey, what did I say about judging before time had passed? This is actually not my first 2014 dated drawing; you will get to see that in the future. Assuming I keep my scanning up. But unlike last year, where I went a whole dozen or so drawings with "12" in the signature (and had to erase, print, and draw in a three for each one), I remembered this time. Huzzah for small victories!

Anyway, I've written more than enough. Enjoy!