Sassy Fox

Sassy Fox

A new fox? What blasphempy is this!?

Not much to add other than that she seems to be a sassy one. I hadn't looked this drawing in a while, but looking at it now, I wanna bring her back and expand on her (not expand her, she would probably give me sh#t for saying that). Hmmm...

I think this came out well. I don't really know why I feel compelled to point out whether I like how a drawing came out or not every time in these descriptions. Death of the Author and all that, to be sure, but also, I'm not sure anybody cares, nor do I want to color anyone's opinion or insult them if they like something I've done that I don't really. More, I'm just trying to think of intelligent stuff to say about these pictures. Which is harder than it can seem! Oh well, I think I'll continue, if for no other reason than to fill this space!