On the Train

On the Train

Funny story. So, sometime in middle January I was showing my mom my sketchbook, and she starts to ask me something... knowing my mother, I flinch, thinking it will be a critique of my art. But no, this time, it was that I was still signing my pictures "11" when it's 2012. ::Head. Hit. Keyboard.:: I mean, what kind of idiot would even put the date in their signature!?!? Oh...

So, what would a sane person do? I mean, I have been relatively prolific, meaning I had a good number of images dated incorrectly. Post them anyway, maybe with a notation? Make a single new signature and photoshop it over them? Or do what I did; scan every image, remove the second "1," print a sheet of all the signatures, draw a bunch of "2"'s, then rescan the sheet, and manually add in the replacement signatures to each image.

Fun times. And to top it all off, I'm not even sure this drawing was done in 2012! It was either this one or the next one... but geeze...


Roxanne on the train, looking out the window. Fun to use the whole page, although I'm not all that happy with this. Proportions and line strength are off, and a foxface against a window is... difficult. Still, it is what it is. Was very difficult to clean up without loosing too much detail.

Till next time!

By the way, did you ever get the feeling you were living in the future? 2012... geeeze...