So, what is this high scores junk?

I've been playing a lot (read: way too much) of Atari 2600 games on my computer. And, since in so many of the games the goal is to get a high score, I started recording them (just in a text file).

Then it hit me: (ow!) I should put up a place where we can all post our high scores! That way, we could have a kind of low-key competition going on ;-). Or high-key, whatever you want. I though it'd be kinda cool to see how we all do.

Anyway, if you don't have a 2600 or an emulator already, you can get one (for, like, every operating system ever invented -- I kid, but there are a lot) at, and you can get every Atari 2600 ROM you ever wanted (and plenty you didn't) at (linked directly to a page where you can download them all).

There's no reason we have to limit it to 2600 games, either... we could easily put in any random game where to object is to out-score one another. I'll go ahead and post a few of my favorites, and if you'd like to suggest a game, go right ahead and do so in the comments to this message. In every game's blog-post, you can post your score in the comments.

Happy gaming! (or something...)