An Unfortunate Captcha...

While I am eternally grateful for all the unsolicited advertisment on this site, I felt my cut wasn't big enough. So I've institued a Captcha on posting comments and/or registering as a user. But! If you register, you won't need to use said Captchas. Hey! A reason for registering, besides getting to have a cool icon next to your posts. Cool icon not included. Offer void in Utah.

Anyway, I've just spent a good bit of time deleting all the spam I could find; if I've accidently deleted your precious comment, it was accidental! (Maybe mentioning prescription drugs in your comment titles was a bad idea...) Feel free to repost them, if you can remember them. Or whatever. Also, let me know if you have trouble with the Captcha system. It seems to have some problems when you preview a post, but certainly works to actually post it.

And to anyone who tried to buy prescription drugs or get a work-from-home job here I, um, I... I... I don't really know what to say. Why in the hell would someone by Xanax illegally from a poorly written ad, anway?

Anyway III, let's hope this works. ::crosses fingers::


::Hangs head in shame at having written "Out." at the end of a blog post::