"In some contexts, knee-high boots may have sexual overtones." -Wikipedia


Post no bills!


Too. Quiet.

So to pass the update time, chill out. with the creepy kids They need to eat too, you know.


The past meets the future

Yeah, it sounds all big and important, but isn't. I just had the opportunity to photograph an immaculate 1951 Packard parked in front of my (not so) immaculate 2004 Prius. The past meets the future.

I've tried to photoshop them a bit, but I'm getting used to the camera on my new phone; that is, seeing if I can make it take a decent picture. Like most chead CCD's, it doesn't deal with wide light variations too well... but I also need some more experience with it. Image editing software helps... well, a little.


"I've fallen..."

"I've fallen, and I can't get up!" The rave remix! Attached, rock out. Courtesy of a user.

I'm thinking of just retitling "Misc. Crap" to "Random Linking," but that basically just means "Misc. Crap," anyway.


Mein Gott

I've studied a lot of physics, astronomy, cosmology. I have an idea of the scale of the universe, numerically speaking. But my god, does seeing that make you feel small or what?

How and/or why did we end up here? Is there any purpose, anything to be gleaned from all this? Are these questions even answerable? (Yay epistimology! Actually, I love epistimological questions). One of these days, I should write down some of my philisohpical thoughts / findings here, when I have the time.

By write down, I mean write my ongoing stream of thoughts on them down. A conclusion, I fear, is a false hope.

But in regards to space, there really is only one quote I know of that comes even remotely close to some level of understanding: "Space is big - really big - you just won't believe how vastly, hugely mind-bogglingly big it is. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space." -Douglas Adams



I bet you didn't know that PC LOAD LETTER has its own Wikipedia entry, did you?* Anyway, as you may have seen, Squatch was nice enough to point out this gem:

  • "The Sysadmin Song"
  • After watching that cute hilarity (thank you, Squatch), I checked out their website. They seem to be quite the funny guys about this stuff. Check out this video and its high production values!:

  • < a href="">Every OS Sucks
  • Cool. I'll leave you with this. Ah, linking to random crap, the true heart and soul of the blog! Actually, most of my life is following links to random crap, so actually my blog here is a traditional blog, too. How exciting for you! I mean me! I mean, eh, whatever.

    *You know...


    Have two AYDS before dinner!


    A commercial from the 1980's for a weight loss / diet candy... named "AYDS". Yes, its pronounced that way. And this was in the 80s, AIDS wasn't a secret by then! But it is hilarious.

    Have two AYDS before each meal!

    Doesn't cause nervousness!

    Loose weight deliciously, with the aid of AYDS!

    Oh my. Just, oh my oh my oh my. I can't think of anything else to say.

    Remember kids, always, always double check your brand names.

  • <

    Yeah, so I don't know if I should just let people find this out for themselves...

    ...but has anyone seen my new 404 page? If not, just go to any obviously fake page and check it out.

    Power to the internets!

    Or something...


    Haven't put anything on the site for a while...

    Haven't put anything on the site for a while...

    So I'll put the coolest thing in the world: a horse's head pillow. Who wouldn't want one??? I know I do.

    Bah, working on Marlie's site and all I have to say for now is: CSS transparency suxx0rz.

    That is all.